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Resource Management | Maximizing Volunteer Potential

As a new generation comes of age in our most-beautiful rural areas of the United States, departments find themselves stretched thin. Competing with video games, more competitive educational challenges, a broader spectrum of recreational activities and a changing mentality and work ethic amongst Generation... Read More

Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment and Retention

Volunteer Fire & EMS Departments comprise a workforce of more than 820,000 volunteers throughout the United States.  This makes it one of the largest volunteer corps in existence.  But trending shows that the number of volunteers is diminishing.  Why?  The economy, generational shifts and increased training requirements.  So what can... Read More

Challenging Applications = Opportunities for New Solutions

So you're looking into the purchase of a new Wildland or Grassland Apparatus.  You know your applications better than anyone outside your department or agency.  But unless you're attending multiple tradeshows a year, you might not necessarily be aware of the potential solutions available.  Even the manufacturers who develop various... Read More

Justifications for Wildland Apparatus in Budgets

“How many lives, houses or businesses need to be lost before this budget will be justified? 
Will it be too late?”

Lately it seems, when fire departments or protection districts ask for budgets which include a new brush truck, skid unit or quick attack apparatus,... Read More

Developing Your Specs to Save Money

Apparatus Builders will always try to get you into something that they build on a regular basis.  It's more efficient, cost-effective and less intensive for them.  But there are many items that you need built or made specifically for your agency or department to ensure that the functionality is adequate... Read More

Room for Expansion: Your Fire Apparatus Manifold

When you order a new apparatus from a manufacturer you do your best to work with the manufacturer to get exactly what you need.  Sometimes challenges arise when you order something that is too far off their standard model(s) and you end up paying very high prices to get exactly... Read More

Apparatus Virtual Tours

When you're considering purchasing a Brush Truck or Skid Unit you have an idea as to what you want, what you need.  And despite what suppliers might tell you, YOU know best what your department's needs are to ensure everyone comes home from every call safe and sound. ... Read More