Workhorse Fire Apparatus

Challenging Applications = Opportunities for New Solutions

So you're looking into the purchase of a new Wildland or Grassland Apparatus.  You know your applications better than anyone outside your department or agency.  But unless you're attending multiple tradeshows a year, you might not necessarily be aware of the potential solutions available.  Even the manufacturers who develop various solutions for fire safety agencies and shop their competitors might not be aware of the applications that many departments have utilized. 

Fortunately, that's where your apparatus manufacturer comes in.  Receiving specs from all over the nation, when we see a spec come in that is original or unique, we inquire about the application and the situations where it's been applied.  For example - recently a department asked for me to provide room on top of their storage and tank for a Stokes Basket.  When I inquired about the application they indicated that they had a large rural area and the stokes storage was for hunting accidents where the ambulances weren't able to get to the wounded easily.  A Polaris Unit wouldn't be practical as it couldn't be utilized to provide suppression AND patient transport.  So they wanted to utilize their brush truck - which is designed for rough terrain - to provide extrication from rough terrain environments.  Now when I go out to meet with my various departments, I ask about extrication from these types of environments.  I offer this department's solution to them.  And this is just one of many solutions I've come across.

When dealing with a challenging application, don't hesitate to contact us, we may have a solution developed by another department that is applicable.

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