Workhorse Fire Apparatus

Room for Expansion: Your Fire Apparatus Manifold

When you order a new apparatus from a manufacturer you do your best to work with the manufacturer to get exactly what you need.  Sometimes challenges arise when you order something that is too far off their standard model(s) and you end up paying very high prices to get exactly what you need right now and the changes you need reduce the budget  for what you might need in the future.

At Workhorse Fire Apparatus, we recognize this challenge.  Every manifold that we design - whether it's a standard or custom manifold - comes with at least one (1) capped female expansion pipe that is National Pipe Thread (NPT) in the same diameter as the manifold called for in the quote.  Additionally, every manifold comes with one (1) capped 1/4" Male NPT foam intake on the pump intake.  This is for expansion of an around-the-pump foam system like Scotty Foam, Foam Pro or another foam system.  Both of these features can be easily plumbed by any firefighter allowing you future expansion of another discharge as well as changes to the foam system.

Because our manifolds are made right here in-house, we're able to fabricate the manifold using schedule 40 stainless steel.  The manifold, upon completion of welding (french welds mean that the seams are all but invisible), the manifold is tested to more than 800 psi.  Upon completion of testing we put the manifold through a sandblasting process to provide an aesthetic effect that matches the effect of your apparatus.

These features: 

  • Custom Manifolds
  • Expansion Lines
  • Foam Intakes (whether or not you order a foam system)

are all part of the standard package for every apparatus we build for you at Workhorse Fire Apparatus.  It's part of the reason we're the Longest Lasting.  Quickest Attacking.

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