The RESCUE — what type does your agency need?
More information on the following types of rescues will be posted here soon!
  • Rescue Body – Room for extrication equipment, generator, hydraulics & more. Features substantial scene & warning lighting for maximum safety.
  • Rescue Pumper – A hybrid of the Rescue Body married with the capability to pump up to 1,250 GPM.
  • Water Rescue – A hybrid of the Rescue Body married with custom cabinetry for dive gear, specialty trailer tow package for watercraft, custom cabinetry for inflatables & stokes basket, more.
  • High Angle / High Wind Rescue – These are rescues with bodies specially designed to combat crosswinds, carry substantial high-angle rescue equipment along with all the equipment of the Rescue Body.
All Rescues are built to customer specifications with unparalleled craftsmanship and experience. Send us your specification today, or let us help you develop one!